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Mar 1, 2017

Rules - Read Before Posting


Hi there! Please abide by the following ruleBus before posting in this board.


- All posts must be related to the games of the Eredia series.


- No flaming, abuse, or spam.


- No pornographic or sexual content allowed.


- Posting of Fan Art, Reviews, Let's Play videos related to Eredia is allowed.


- You are requested to report Bugs in the "Questions and Bug Report" board. This board is for discussion specifically related to the game.


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New Posts
  • The gate opens, but you can not go to the Lord of the Giants. Uncorrected bug ... v1.0.1
  • Hello fellow developer i just found bugs where quest be restart again for example quest "dont do drugs kid" at end finish quest you either can lie and tell truth it doesnt matter at all no reward and meet arshen at sparrow inn" bug happen when you speak again ashen and he drove you back to party and do all again ariel story arc. SECOND BUG its about skill "beast destroyer" which happen i use that skill and this happen your opponent immortal. what i had do let all my heroes die in vain meanwhile all ulti skill cant beat him. please reply and help built this Jrpg good again im really interested your project. thank you.
  • On the primary quest named Crime Town. There is something that go into sad ending "Dead". I already do many thing for avoid this thing, from Senvard and then Henry, the remaining that i dont try is Dorvik, because i need more evidence, but i already get 3 evidence (including teddy bear), but still it says "u need more evidence". And then i loard again to Henry option, after i cut him down, i rest in inn and there is option "1. Point the key 2. Flapping his bird" i already trying this to option and the result is nihil (dead) so what i must do to continue thisbgame ?? I like the plot story anyway.